Whitewood Industries Finished Youth Chair - Unfinished

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Material: Solid Parawood
Features: Fully Assembled, Pre-sanded,Wrap Around, Foot Rest
Finish Options: Unfinished, Clear Finish, Mahogany Finish, Rosewood Finish

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Clear Finish Rich Mocha Black and Cherry Cinnamon and Espresso Distressed Bourbon Oak Heather Gray
Clear Finish
Rich Mocha
Black and Cherry
Cinnamon and Espresso
Distressed Bourbon Oak
Heather Gray

Youth Chairs are designed for young children who have outgrown the necessity of a high chair but still need a boost in height for meals or activities like arts & crafts. Purchasing a Youth Chair creates an opportunity to make your little one feel special. They will be delighted that you've provided them with their very own "big boy" or "big girl" chair.

Whitewood Industries Finished Youth Chair

This Whitewood Industries Youth Chair is crafted from solid Parawood and arrives fully assembled and in the finish of your choice. It's a stunning piece of furniture ideal for children beyond the toddler stage but not yet ready for an adult chair. Standing at approximately 22 inches tall, it provides the perfect elevation for your little one to comfortably join the family at the kitchen or dining room table.

This Youth Chair arrives fully assembled and sanded. Crafted from solid Parawood, it boasts exceptional quality without any particle or inferior materials. Parawood, sourced from the forests of the Far East, is renowned for its environmental sustainability, utilizing trees at the end of their latex-producing cycle. Its light and subtle grain texture allows for excellent staining results. Alternatively, applying a clear top coat preserves its natural wood color while providing a protective layer.

Smooth dowels along the back ensure this chair blends seamlessly with any décor. Additionally, a footrest prevents the child's feet from dangling uncomfortably.

You have the option to receive this chair unfinished, allowing you to stain, paint, or varnish it to your preference. Alternatively, you can choose a pre-stained option from the selection above. Opting for an unfinished Youth Chair offers several advantages, including a notably lower price and the freedom to customize the color to match your existing furniture. Many customers enjoy the process of selecting a stain that complements their dining set, often finding a perfect match at their local craft or hardware store. For those who prefer convenience or wish to give it as a gift, we also offer pre-stained Youth Chairs.

Click Here to look at the Unfinished Whitewood Industries Youth Chair

Disclaimer *ONLY applicable to our Distressed Bourbon Oak Youth Chair 

Our Distressed Bourbon Oak features markings and patterns to give it an older appearance. The chair is not damaged; it's just the style of the chair. Distressing can add character and a rustic farmhouse look to furniture, conveying a range of aesthetics to match your home.

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  • Chair Height: 31.5 in.
  • Seat Height: 22.5 in.
  • Footrest Height: 15 in.
  • Backrest Height: 9.5 in.
  • Leg Length: 22 in.
  • Seat Dimensions: 14 in. L x 11.5 in. W
  • Usable Seat Space: 11.5 in. L x 10 in. 
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    *Please note this Whitewood Industries youth chair is a handmade and made from natural wood. Some irregularities may naturally occur in wood grains that are not considered defects. Also, some minor sanding or leveling may be required. Similarly, as each chair is stained by hand the results may vary slightly from images depicted on the monitor.

    To match previously purchased youth chairs (or your existing furniture), please provide a picture and original stain color chosen so we can match the stains as closely as possible.

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